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LUNCH 200/p 


"FIKA" 50/st

Minimum 10 portions to order. Fika could only be delivered as an add on.  

Delivery fee 150sek within Stockholm.


DINNER  500/p for a 3 course menu 

Service fee 2000kr

Rent a Health and Wellness Chef for a nutritional cooking course at the office, clean cooking catering for a party of two, a birthday or a bachelor/bridal party.

Medicinal recipes that helps to  heal your body, fight inflammation,develop a stronger immune system and fight diseases.

Food recipes cooked from scratch with fresh, seasonal and sustainably raised food. Focus is on nutrient dense, healthy, whole ingredients, proper cooking techniques without gluten and refined sugar. We decide on a menu to your liking that align with healthy eating. 

Welcome to live for more life! 

The world served on a platter your food pharmacy.


To order catering or a Wellness Chef send an email


The email should include;

Date and time for the event

Billing address(cooperate)


The total number of persons

Additional contact information


Please note that only non alcoholic drinks can be provided, I can recommend some healthy options. Swish and card payments are available.

Image by Ella Olsson
Rent a Health & Wellness Chef: Services
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